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08 July 2005


i'm still buzzing about NASCAR. 'twill be awesome. my fantasy league is killing me lately. the one i'm in with strangers i'm kicking ass, 2nd place. i was doing ok in the ESPN league, but am slowly slipping. anyways...

so last night, i'm drinking with the controls TA at the hotel bar/disco/thing. she's gotten me to try scotch and water. i don't make the faces so much anymore, but it is a sight to see. i'm quite embarrassing. they aren't pretty faces. i think i ended up having like 5 scotches and 2 beers by night's end, oh and i tried a sip of mint julep. i think it is a different kind of drunk, i felt slower, and i was definitely goofier.

i forget how i got to the point, but i had a food with some sort of sauce on it, and i was explaining how all my clothes seem to have stains on the front where i spill food, and then i decided on using audio/visual aids with previously mentioned food with sauce. ON PURPOSE, big spoonful. after it had been done, i couldn't really think of a good reason as to why i did it other than for a laugh. have i stooped to food gags at the cost of my shirt (actually i used so much, i got some on my shorts too)? foolish boy, i am.

then, or more accurately, before my food fetish meltdown, we were talking, and again, as per usual, i forget exactly what she said, but i replied the following phrase, characteristic of the lore that is zac charm... i said "you're a strange combination of girly and normal". i'm telling ya kids, if that doesn't get the panties droppin', nothing will. i'm not sure what thought i was even trying to convey, it just sounded funny in my head, so i made it sound funny outside my head at the possible expense of my guest. but she laughed, so i don't think it was too bad (though maybe she was just being polite).

thank god for open-minded people who have the patience to converse with bumble-mouthed inebriates. one of these days i'm gonna say i'm sorry. well, maybe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad to see the zman had a real date! with a real girl!! grinz

8:10 PM, July 08, 2005  
Anonymous C said...

My 4th of July (sorry for the delay, must be the time difference) was cool. It involved barfing, fireworks, and fireworks inside a toad's mouth.

Next weekend our good friend Ed is getting married. Unfortunately it is going to be a VERY small wedding. Other than Ed and Victoria, the only person I really know is ROB. It should be interesting. Beligerancy will be magnified tenfold in a small setting, and I figure it will only be a matter of time before it happens.

Way to piss off the second largest nation... at least the don't have nukes... oh wait a minute, yes they do.

10:27 PM, July 10, 2005  

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