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12 July 2005

cox and mox


got up to go to this cool temple, pateesima, that is situated on an island in the middle of the godavari river. it's rumored that if you take a holy dip in the godavari you are absolved of all your sins. sounds a bit too easy to me but i could probably use some absolution. anyways, the hotel was going to arrange for the car/boat, and we (emma has gotten me slightly interested in venturing into the big bad world on sundays) were told to be ready at 11:00AM. about 11:30 or so, nothing doing, the guy who was to arrange it told us it is too late to go but we might be able to go to another local temple. ok, ok. we let him off the hook because sunday was also the first official "festival" at the hotel bar/disco, cheers. apparently this was a big thing, lots of dressed up people, suits and ties, many many meetings (which we witnessed saturday night when we closed down the bar). everyone left and they left a waiter to babysit us until we were done with our drinks.

so they arranged for us to go to the village of dwarapudi to see the ayyappa temples. not too bad, maybe 30 minute drive. we got there about 12:10PM. we've gone to temples the past 2 weekends and have an amazing knack for getting there RIGHT after they close. well, they had closed the doors to the insides of the temples, but we could still walk around the compound and look at the outsides. pretty cool, big cow statues, shiva - the highest god, some lion mouth entrances. there was a place there in the compound where for 5 rupees (~$0.12) you could go underground to this shrine-ish area. we didn't have anything smaller than 100 rupees so emma gets ready to go down, between the lady taking the money talking to the driver and the hotel attendant who was our guide, i find out that i have to take my shirt off to go down, also i have to put on the traditional man-skirt that the south indians wear during religious ceremonies. they were thinking about letting me off with wearing my shorts, but i definitely had to take my shirt off. at first, i thought it was like a low-budget, small village prank to see if they could get the fat white man to take his shirt off, but then i noticed the local guys doing the same. well i wasn't in the mood to have a bunch of indians blinded by the immense paleness of my belly, so i decided to walk around a bit and take more pictures while emma checked out the underground, something about water i think, some idols, and she tipped someone at the bottom more money than the place took in all week, so he gave her 2 tiny bananas. fair trade i guess. here are some pix

we headed back to the hotel, nap time on sunday. i couldn't sleep so i dicked around the room, wrote some, listened to some music emma burned me (not my usual stuff, but hey, not much i don't like with enough time). after a bit, i went outside again, alone **GASP**. there is a lake a couple blocks away, they have peddleboats and a sho pwith samosas, water, some other food that looks good but is absolutely covered in flies. so i walked to the lake. then walked to find the entrance. now, most of you might know about my sense of direction, it's roughly equiivalent to "way the hell off and very far in the wrong direction at all times". i have the uncanny knack to ALWAYS walk out of a store at the mall going the direction i just came in. ALWAYS! anways, i' mwalking around the lake to find the entrance. it's a half decent lake. it took me maybe 10-15 minutes to walk all the wya around it at a typical "loping zac shuffle" of a pace. true toform, i had to walk the entire way around the lake. had i turned left when i got to the lake, i'd been right at the gate. nope... went right, all the way around, 1 entrance.

got there, hung out, wrote some, met some old people and their grandschildren, a father and his daughter ice-cream all over her face, but mostly doen the front of here. typical dad. met some local mechanical engineers.

went back to the hotel around 6:30PM. the bar manager was worried because we (the white people) were to open "cox and mox". he reminded me of this when i walking i the door of the hotel, and reminded me that i'd probably only be having "coxs" all night. grrrrr. i told them sometime ago to rename it, but no go. took a shower, made it down around 7:15 or 7:30PM. tried some cocktails... good god, this was a bad idea. it was me, emma, and ramesh (a lawyer who used to annoy me but now we get along OK since he's only there 2-3 times a week). he drinks whiskey, she drinks whiskey, i'm the pussy of the group, but i won't go down lightly, er... nevermind that. so i tried a blue hawaiian, all sugar and vodka, not very good. then a bloody mary, awful, don't know what they did wrong. i think they use ketchup instead of tomato juice. tried a lime and lager. very simple. very bad. too salty so i was encourage to chug that due to the faces that were scaring people in the other room by word of mouth alone. i chugged. then i got some scotches. i think quite a few. and they didn't last long. i realized i do much better chugging them as well. again i say, foolish boy. lots of stuff is blurry, very shadow like. good time i think, probably very entertaining for the party at my table and likewise, for the rest of the bar. cox and mox is all week long.

i'm gonna try some new cox tonight. i'll have to update you later how many i have and how big they are.

what a dumb name for a theme festival?


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