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12 July 2005

drunken indians can be funny

from this point on, the controls TA shall be known as emma. easier than "the controls TA" and still preserves here identity, i'm all about the safety of my TAs. hah.

so it has been sayeth, so shall mine own will be done.

also, for reference to this blog, you'll need to know what an auto-rickshaw is. see here.

anyways. so last saturday.. me, emma, and the electrical TA (to be named adam), decided to try out a new restaurant, kalinga (sounds a bit like oral inside my vulgar head). but that is not the point. we took an auto-rickshaw to this place. tiny little yellow bug looking things, that run on lawn mower engines and have bicycle handlebars for steering. they say they seat 4 people but i say a resounding "YEAH RIGHT!" to that. at least not 4 people my size and they are 3 wheels. 4 of me in one of those things, taking a turn, would be assured disaster. so we get to the restaurant and for some reason they stick emma in the corner. she was dressed in a traditional punjab suit a.k.a. salwar kameez, but they still hid her from the general populous. the waiters/owners/etc. still came around quite a bit. novelty i suppose. food was good, we are going to go back again.

so as i've been reminded a lot lately, i get rude. i think it is part good fun, part i'm guessing they don't understand what i'm saying, and part i'm tired of being here so long. i really don't think i mean to be malicious, but i'll say some things, particularly after a couple drinks. so i had a couple drinks at dinner and said something, emma told the waiter to ignore me (generally, a good idea in any situation). then when we were leaving, everyone was leaving ahead of me and the manager guy was disappointed that i was leaving because he "wanted to make joy" with me. since i was the only one around when he said this, i'm guessing he meant me, but i'm hoping beyond hope that he meant ALL the white people. either way, that has been a running joke of late.

i'm not sure if the indians just don't know the different connotations to different compliments, or if they generally think i'm brad pitt-narayana. i've called "pretty", "beautiful", "handsome", i've been complimented on my hair and my shirts and my smile. AHHHH! i've learned the word for handsome... sounds like "ONdu GAHdu". the hotel restaurant taught it to emma as a joke, and now i've learned i blush.

but again i digress, on the way home from kalinga **chuckle**, emma and i grab a rickshaw, i hope in and feel something behind my shoulders. i figure it is a rug or something. i turn around to find this. this dude is drunk. out of it. so i had to take a picture. grabbed emma's camera and got a few. i can't figure out how he fit back there so well. the ride is bumpy, there are speedbumps everywhere in india, and i'm sure the flashing of the camera didn't help, but drunk stowaway man decided to rouse from his inebriation. in said rousing, his leg no longer interfered with my comfortable ride, but his passing in and out of consciousness on emma shoulder was amusing, at least for me. see, she's smiling.

well, we made it back to the hotel, the drunk guy stumbled his way into the backseat as the rickshaw took off. we went into the bar, had a few scotches (my faces are getting less and less noticeable), and called it a night. sunday was the big day - cox and mox...


Anonymous Jared said...

Mmmmm. Kalingaaaa.

4:54 PM, July 12, 2005  

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