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08 November 2005


hitting the bottom of the barrel. today, the leader in me that was never there but had to put on daddy's big boots and act like it anyways said "fukk it, i'm going to play in the mud. i dunna fukkin' care." so here is my meager commentary.

here is some henna i did on emma, i kinda like it.

here is a gecko in the room, cool reflection

my goal in life is at the peak of my starshot, i want people to adorn me with useless things over and over, then take them off, rinse, repeat. here is the pretty caterpillar, and here is the pretty butterfly (he's frickin' buried, i think his legs are buckling).

gonna go play in the mud and track it through the house, blindfolded with scissors in my hand, and if i can find it, i'm climbing in the fridge, er no no no, the washing machine. btw, menthols are GOOOOOD.



Anonymous mom 2 said...

zachary... i have no clue what you just said or what it means...i knew those "cancer sticks" would mess up your mind...i told you to put them i really mean it....don't make me come over there!!!!! be good...
love you
mom 2

6:12 PM, November 08, 2005  

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