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13 November 2005

one man down and no NASCAR

so we are working sunday, just me and emma. what fun. we got to let one guy go yesterday as the customer didn't want to pay him anymore. he was kinda of stuck for work until this one part arrives, so he was happy, he's been wanting to get out of here for weeks. i'd moved my pictures from snapfish to flickr. so now, if you want, you can go here and see some of the places i've been. you'l see some pictures i've found blog-worthy, and others that were just taken to waste rechargeable Ni-Cd battery life.

not a very exciting post, been dicking around with excel all day trying to derive artificial intelligence from AND statements nested inside IF-ELSE statements. i lead SUCH an exciting life on sundays. and due to this new customer schedule, i miss BOTH replays of the NASCAR races. they are out to get me. eh, i'm safe as long as they can't read english.


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