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11 November 2005

front page news

oh india... my buddy, SwedishChefDave has talked on his blog about the graphic nature of the news in poor countries (i.e. peru, india, etc). i got a first hand of that today, i've seen it before but not really this graphic, usually the bodies were in grass or something, fairly hidden. this is what i awoke to on the FRONT PAGE of 'the hindu' indian newspaper. these people are dead from the suicide attacks in jordan. you can read the caption below the pic. and this was the BOTCHED bombing. this was in front of the days inn where a truck filled with explosives was stopped at a security point, so it blew up there. the others were bombers with belts strapped to their belts. and that guy walks passed rather non-chalant "eh, see this all the time here in jordan, ya light-weights".

and this was also in the paper, we were wondering if they were actually having this IN the mall? not sure, but hey, everyone loves a good gastroenterologist.


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