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07 November 2005

that dude has a STUMP!!!

so last night before going down to the bar, i went out onto my balcony to have a beer and a cancer stick (i'm trying to master the lingo, is that appropriate?) there is some sort of cacophony going on about some important indian dude. lots of drums and pop indian music. there were young girls dancing to the pop music (easy kids, i know i set that one up) like a competition and it looked like they were getting paid when they stepped offstage, i don't know what the deal was, but then there was this 4 man dance troupe (with festive bowls of plastic fruit on their heads a la minnie pearl) accompanied by a maybe 8-10 person drum line who came out through the crowd. they danced and danced and were way out of sync abut they kept dancing. the one guy on the left was always looking at the other 3, i think he was an understudy or something. there was a really tall balding guy who looked like he forgot his outift pants and just wore his PJ pants instead. they danced for like 25-30 minutes pretty much non-stop. at times, they took their fruit off and danced with bottles with candles on the top balanced on their heads. it was windy so the feat wasn't nearly as exciting. before they'd gotten on stage all their flames were out. there was one part where it looked like they were humping the ground. on their stomach, legs lifted, and arms behind their back they picked up what looked like money with their mouths. now, i know you aren't supposed to put money in your mouth and that is said in the USofA. here, no fukking way man. jeez. the funniest part was the guy on the right couldn't pick it up (maybe he was tongue-tied like me). he kep having to move it closer, and closer, then he'd scoot up, then he moved it closer, and the other 3 can't get up until he has his money. finally he cheated (they were continually smacking the money flat through the performance) by "accidentally" tipping up one corner and getting his money. this is all just general information on the performance.

about 5-10 minutes in, i'm seeing the guy on the left do some slightly varied jumping compared to the others. like i said, i thought this guy was an understudy or something so maybe he hadn't practiced that type of convulsion before the show, then after further examination, the dude had a stump. his left foot seems to have been amputated or he was born without it right at the ankle, so it is ALMOST as lost as the other foot and he just had it wrapped up in something the same color as his other shoe. she i was making fun of the dude for kinda sucking but turns out, he's working with only half a dancing set of feet. from then on, i was impressed. he did pretty good for only be monopedal. i mean, i have jealousy issues with people already, but most of them have two feet. this guy wasn't good but he'd definitely get sympathy point and score some trim on the way out, way better chances than i. i can't believe that dude had a stump. huh.


Anonymous Mom said...

mom 1 and mom 2 have both told you to put the fu***ng cigarette down!! Don't make us come to India. And a "stumpy" dancer is one to be proud of - i must have raised you right after all.

7:51 PM, November 07, 2005  
Anonymous RO TA said...

I see that I have left a lasting impression in India..smokers unite..I hope you have kept yourself safe from the Back door virus..later and get the hell out of there before you go postal..

10:36 PM, November 07, 2005  

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