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01 November 2005

where have i been?

man, i don't know why i haven't updated lately. i've not been EXTREMELY busy, just busy enough to not have time to put together a complete blog. useless excuse, i know, but i'm sure you all miss me, so i need to come up with something.

the R0 changeout guys finally left today. a 3 day job, and they were here for 21. not their fault though. i tolf the higher ups we weren't ready but t make the customer happy, they mobilized, so they've been helping with the precision stuff onsite that i don't trust the indians with. these turks are damn good workers. they were dying to get out of here. the local airport is closed due to rain (at one point it was under 8 feet of water), so we arranged for them a 40 person A/C bus (i think there are like 17 people total) to take them the 10 hour trip to hyderabad airport and they are outta here.

we had a cyclone hit the area of late. i didn't even know much aobut it except that it was raining alot. one of the other TAs actually told us about it. it's been rianing for maybe 7-8 days now. a cyclone, at least this one, is a tony piss-ant of a thing. nothing like a hurricane. i know i might be way off here but for my first, i wasn't impressed. i mean, i love the rain, but not very scary. i know it sounds stupid, especially in light of the recent hurricanes the U.S. has experienced, but i'd like to go through one. i was working in houston maybe 2 years ago and a hurricane was coming, i was all excited. when it made landfall, i went outside and took pictures of the bright blue cloudless sky. against disappointment. the extreme edge of the hurricane stopped right at the texas/lousiana border. sad sad zac.

today is called diwali - festival of lights. the customer had us come in, don't know why. this is equivalent to christmas in the states. there is NO ONE onsite, but they still asked us to come in. it is now 11:30AM, and i think we are heading home. i don't understand this customer, but i'll be glad to get back in bed. last night was quite a celebration for the people leaving. and i'm feeling it. blah. sleep is good. one of the guys onsite yesterday told me that diwali is konw for it's bombs. i'm like, WHAT!!! there were recently some bombings in delhi, but he was just mis-translating. it is know for fireworks. the hotel said they have some fireworks just for us to light off. it's also known for it's sweets. i'm not big o nthat so i gave the site gift of sweets to the R0 TA as a souvenir. now the only problem we are having is, our driver went home for lunch, might be getting a little lovin', and when we call we get his wife or someone who doesn't know english and we can't get her to get us to talk to him. blast it. we wanna go home. enough. emma's computer is fukked so i'm gonna let her blog.


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