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26 October 2005

new links, scroller

well, i was thinking, since i had such a hard time getting my buddy, chad, something for his birthday, i'll just make a wishlist for myself to make life easier on everyone else. that is, make it easier than not being in the country on my birthday. that makes giving presents a little easier since no one will be there to accept them. also just to see what kinda stuff i want, am into of late. i want some country CDs. i love country, but i only have a handful of CDs, and some classic country singers that RARELY put out a bad CD are alan jackson, travis tritt, and joe diffie. some great songs there. so now there is a link on the right with my amazon wishlist, and one for my tshirthell wishlist (that, there is some good shite).

oh i put a new poem on the scroller at the bottom about amonth ago, not sure if i ever told anyone. if you look at the top left, less than 3 months till i get my taxes back. in my little calculator, today marks the crossing of another milestone. as of today, i've been out of the country 75% of the year. woohoo.

i've been SOOOO tired lately. i went down to the bar for dinner early last night with the sole intent of going to my room at 9PM and watch a movie. i hit the bed and that is that. i was out. i've been a wreck all day today at work. don't know what the deal is. haven't had much of an appetite either. WTF?! something ain't right. eh fukk it, who cares. my pants are too big for me already and i'm losing more of my ass. happy happy joy joy.


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