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24 December 2005

christmas eve

as per usual, the customer sucks. our balance guy should've been here around 4PM (it is almost 6 now), but, as expected, his flight was late. the balance weights should be here late this evening. best case scenario, we have to come in at 6AM to install these things and run the turbine. worse case scenario, the balance weights arrive around midnight and they've requested we come in immediately the install and run the turbine. christmas FUKKING day! no respect for our holiest of holidays. i mean, for me, it's completely commercial, i like giving and getting presents and i like staring at the tree christmas eve, no churchiness to it (except the church i attended as a young lad has a pretty ceremony i like to go to). but the customer has taken so many shortcuts here and there that have bit them, now we get to pay the price. excellent. not very happy.

thanks for all the birthday greetings, it was a nice day, and i got to eat as many carbs as i wanted (mmm... spaghetti and mashed potatoes mixed). got a nice sherwani from my friend ramesh and wore it to the party last night. it's pretty comfortable, i'll post the pic later. for now, i'm going to go pout since i'll more than likely be working when santa flies over.


Anonymous mom 2 said...

zac... so sorry your christmas is starting out so crappy...guess thats the way things go over least your birthday turned out pretty nice for you {lots of cake!!!} so glad your friend emma is with you...will be thinking of you tonight down at donny,s and i,m sure everyone will miss you...hope your christmas turns out better and i,m sure it and merry christmas to you and 2

9:36 AM, December 24, 2005  
Anonymous mom said...

You know what fun we will have when you finally get home for the "holidays!" We will make our own! You are a whopping 28 now! my my where has the time gone?? just kidding, remember almost every moment of it. haha! Get some rest and enjoy as much of Christmas with emma as possible.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!! god belss us everyone!!


11:04 AM, December 24, 2005  

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