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22 December 2005

good vibrations... my ass

nah, i really just couldn't think of a good title. we tested the turbine again yesterday, same vibrations, we got the resolution today, we need to add a balance weight in the ass end of the generator. sucks, but if it fixes it, yea!!! we can finally advance from the stagnant pool of self-delusion we are currently in. "the illusion of progress... is more important... than ACTUAL progress itself". we actually have balance weights being shipped from greece, abu dhabi, and thailand to try to fix this. but, hey, what can you do?

i got a gift box from my mom, my sis, and mom2. they sent some much needed reinforcements and some small xmas gifts. i took out the reinforcements and blocked my view from most of the box. i gave the box to emma, she is going to wrap them for me so i have a surprise under the tree on christmas morning (even though i'll more than likely be working). it was tough but i did it. thanks for whatever you got me and the christmas wrap and the powdered italian dressing, i thought i was to be without since they don't allow liquid (WTF!) but mom2 came through with some powdered stuff, now to explain vinegar and oil to the driver... hmmm.

this is going to be my first birthday away from home, i think. last year i made it just in the nick of time, but i'll try to recount that story tomorrow on it's anniversary. this'll be my first birthday drinking indian beer, not having a party at the road house, not having to worry how i'm getting home, not having T serenade me at flanagan's ('porn king' shirt and all), not having a drunk booty call, blast! oh, the good ole days. i'll be home again... someday.

i think i'm going to be able to watch my family open presents. i have a webcam and i think my mom has figured her out again, so around 9AM christmas morning (7:30PM christmas night), i'll flick it on and watch the hustle and the bustle, watch colton and everyone open their presents. it should be some serious hi-tech fun. i'll be close to home though, get to see the tree that puts mine to shame.

well it's about beer:30 so i should be getting on. talk at ya when i'm 28.


Blogger The B-Town Boyz said...

Dude how great was that when Twice as Nice handed me the mic. I'll try to do my best blog serenade on your birthday post. Do they still serve alcohol on flights? I haven't flown since my Junior year in high school. I'll be sure to drink one for ya on the plane to Houston. I'm going to visit Kate and Marc for Xmas.

8:23 AM, December 22, 2005  

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