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20 December 2005

christmas tree

we have a christmas tree. our driver is the absolute bomb. it is kinda scrawny, more like the charlie brown christmas tree or the grinch tree (i think he had one). but we even got some garland, lights, and a few bulbs. we have a big, plastic, fold-up star on top. pretty classy. but i think it will be nice. for a bunch of years now, dunno, maybe 10+, i try to sneak down and sit on the couch later christmas eve or early christmas (11PM-4AM or so) and just sit and watch the christmas tree lights for a while. i'm not one for shaking christmas gifts, i can wait, i just always thought it was very peaceful and pretty and quiet. looks like this year i can still keep up my tradition. here is a pic of the tree, and here it is all lit up and perty. gotta love the drunk start on top.

i can't believe today is 20 december. we've been so busy, and i've only just realized my birthday is 3 days away, christmas only 5 days. good googly moogly. where has the time gone? i wouldn't be surprised if i completely miss my birthday this year. like, the only way i'l lrealize it is my birthday is because i'll have to sign and date a form and i'll have to ask someone what day it is. when you work 7 days a week and you've been stuck in one place for so long, days don't exist anymore, sometimes even months just melt away into a smear of waking up, working, drinking, going to bed. kinda ugly but i'm young and i'm making some bank. soon i'll buy my way out of this indentured service, soon, maybe. back to the grind. i'll try to be wittier next time.


Anonymous mom 2 said... glad you have a tree..i feel better knowing at least a bit of christmas is with you...your tree is beautiful!!!keep your spirits up and think of the big party when you get home..we will miss you at donnies christmas eve but we will have your christmas when you get and miss you so 2

9:13 PM, December 20, 2005  
Anonymous mom said...

LOVE YOUR TREE!! keep up your tradition of just looking at your tree and the serenity. (I always knew you came down and enjoyed the moment!) it is beautiful. Saw you received your package - i stuck some christmas lights in for you also! know you will put them somewhere. I love ya bunches.

10:20 PM, December 20, 2005  

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