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24 December 2005

an early christmas mornin' to ya

it's 6AM on christmas morning, do you know where you are? it sure as hell shouldn't be at work in india. but that's where i'm stuck at. didn't even have time this morning to open the presents i had shipped here. looks like it could be a long day too, may not be able to open presents on christmas day, that sucks. well, christmas day in america still. gotta go. balance weight has a screw jammed in it...

ok, i'm back, 3.5 hours later. we found a workshop that was open on sunday and on christmas. our customer coerced them into opening early (9:15AM rather than 10AM), then they raced around town to find a 1/8" allen wrench (no matter, they'd already stripped the head, but hey, who am i? only the technical advisor). so after about an hour of them running this thing down, we decide to go back to the original plan of drilling the S.O.B. out. then the workshop was concerned about how precise their workers were, the drill press is old, and we had to clamp a bench vice to the drill press base. this didn't look good. after about an hour we had the core of the screw drilled out, we were about to go up to 5mm bit (we estimated we could use 5.5mm without damaging the balance weight threads), and like a tense situation in an action movie with the bomb clock at 0:01, just as we were attmepting to drill with 5mm, the owner rushes in telling us to stop, the max we could use was 4.72mm. WHEW!!! really, i know this is getting nerdy and detailed, but had we done that, life would've sucked. we would've destroyed all the threads in the weight, it would be useless and we would've had to wait ages for a new weight (but we might've been able to go back to the hotel for christmas). any ways, we used that bit, drilled, tapped and it is beautiful. only thing is, now the schedule looks like this:
12:00 (noon): install final balance weight
1:30PM: close up tunnel, put unit on turning gear (4 hours minimum)
6:00PM: fire the turbine
7:00PM: if vibration is fixed, 4 hour run for testing and heat-soaking
11:00PM: if all goes well, over-speed trip
12:00AM (midnight): MAYBE get to go back to the hotel
so i'm torn. i want things to be fixed, but i'm not in the mood to be working an 18 hour day on christmas. TheGeneral doesn't pay holiday pay on weekends so we are getting the extra-large ribbed-for-my-evisceration shaft. only DT since it is like any normal sunday. we get holiday pay monday and last friday (so my birthday was a company holiday, hah).

if all goes well (relative to site progress), the customer might be NICE and give us a normal 8 hour day tomorrow, or even worse, a day off, and it'll be a company holiday so we won't get our sweet holiday bank, only 8 hours ST.

well, i just checked Norad Tracks Santa and it looks like he's hitting the USofA, in St. Louis, Missouri, right now so i'm guessing colton has gotten his presents by now... if he's sleeping.

oh yeah, check this shite out!!! i had some friends send me a package late november. it arrived at the hotel 5 December, a new girl on staff signed for it, said it was delivered at recepetion, i have a copy of her signature on the delivery bill i gave to the hotel. on the 5th, i go in, and they say there is no package for me. the next day, i come to know that the new girl gave it to a foreigner... WTF!? it has MY name on it, MY room number, i've been here damn near a year, and she gives it to a random stranger without verifying anything?!?! so they can't track down who she gave it to, i wrote it of as some lucky person having fun with my christmas presents. last night, i got back to the hotel and there is a package waiting for me. the same package that had been lost IN THE HOTEL for 19 days!!! she had come back to me, a true christmas present (i'm wondering if this was staged by the hotel to be funny). so, as was a condition of the package here is a picture of me (somewhat in the style of the B-movie, "leprechaun" and one of emma. thanks juddy and christy. you guys rock. and as promised, my birthday present, a sherwani (long shirt with pockets in it, and baggy white cotton pants - check out the americanization with my Nikes on) and the guy who gave it to me, my lawyer friend, ramesh.
anyone looking to outsource some legal work to india, ramesh is game. if you know a lawyer who might interested, get in touch with me. really!

ok, long day ahead, so i might be back.


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