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31 January 2006

and today is 1 year in rajahmundry

i arrived in mumbai and went onto hyderabad on 30 jan 2005, then got to this lovely place, rajahmundry, what would be my home/workplace/prison on 31 jan 2005, so today is another anniversary. yeehaw!

but i did get an anniversary present. TheMom sent me some steelers stuff for the big game this monday morning. i got 3 steelers shirts, so i can dress up anyone else who wants to come to my room for the Bowl at 4:30AM. i also got a steelers hat, some temp tattoos, a steelers outfit for my mom's murdered concrete porch goose (i wrote porn instead of porch originally, where is my head?). TheMom is funny like that sometimes. she even sent me my Myron Cope's Official Terrible Towel. i'll be waving it, even if all by myself watching the game.

in other news, i almost gave up blogging today. i was reading someone's blog and there was a post about a friend of theirs getting their blog hacked. locked out, lost posts, etc. i couldn't handle it, so i found that blogger has an FAQ on how to back up your blog. it isn't simple, click, BAM!!! you have to change your template, change your settings, view the page all fukked up, copy it... then change everything back. well, i'd changed everything, i'd copied my original template to a word doc, opened another word doc to save my posts in, Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V into word, and it locks up. i'm stuck with my crap layout that's all text, no formatting. did i save my template in word?! i check my html folder, and no document. i'm seriously fretting at this point, getting angry, kicking myself, afraid to close word in case by some miracle it starts working again. i ended up waiting about 15 minutes, gave up and closed it. i searched my computer for 'template', lo and behold, i DID save it but in the wrong folder. i put it back and all was good. but for about 30 minutes, slyght almost decided to call it quits (but then there would've been withdrawal symptoms). so you can be happy that i'm not a COMPLETE idiot and saved my template first.

must go look at houses. steadman's been e-mailing me webpages to look at. apparently she found a nice farm house, 6 beds, 3.5 baths, and a barn. but she can't find it now. pooh. i must endure


Blogger themom said...

and all is well with the world!! you have the steeler garb and saved your templates properly - what more could a mere mortal ask??? XXXOOO

6:23 AM, January 31, 2006  

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