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07 January 2006

looking french?

i got bored and decided to try to grow a goatee. i've tried once before, i think i was in idaho, and equivalently bored. it failed miserably. i believe i have facial testosterone deficiency (FTD). really. for the longest time, i was baby's bottom smooth just south of my chin. i had "comb-down" sideburns (distant relative of the comb-over). i've gotten a bit better, but clearly have far to go. i MIGHT have to shave regularly by the time i hit 30. anyways, i got bored and am trying to grow one again. it's slow going, looks like i need to wash my face, and will for another several months, but i think i'm going to try to stick it out. i might upload pictures soon, if i can get over the embarrassment of such a pathetic attempt at a male-pattern folicular display.

the indians noticed though, which was funny because it was a dark bar. they commented "sir, looking french?" it took me a minute, but i glued the context clues together and gathered they were speaking about my billy goatee. the hand gestures stroking their chins were valuable to that brilliant deduction.

in other news, i have my iPOD all loaded up. 8000+ songs, ~1000 pix, and maybe 100 XXX movies. excellente! i need more movies but they are on the HD i dropped several months ago, so i have to wait until i get back home to blow the dust of my cro-magnon PC and get my backup pr0n.

oh yeah, my buddy, miami t, over at The B-Town Boyz used to live here at the refugee. crazy shite! like when that sniper guy was pickin' off people right near the days inn we stayed at in richmond, i think there was a ponderosa involved. either way, glad T is movin' on up... to the east side. wouldn't wanna lose that cackle to a stray bullet.

i don't WANNA look french. bitchez!


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