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08 January 2006

i want readers

my buddy SwedishChefDave got on a kick a few months ago to get ass-loads of blog hits. i kinda want the same right now. don't know how to do it, but i want more readers. i joined BlogExplosion, and i don't know how that is going to work out. i got enough credits for a banner (and they put them at the top of other blogs that are reviewed), but my banner is shite... i made a quick one in photoshop. prolly coulda done the same in 'paint'. chad wanna help make me a small banner. i look so amateur next to some of them. blast. i need HELP.

so how can i get hits? how can i get readers? how about you send an e-mail to all your friends to read this? that's a start. maybe they'll come back. tell them i'm sexy, well-hung, rich, witty, anything, but tell them. look, i've even done a chunk of the work. click here, and then just replace the ()s and add the names from your address books. i mean, this is GRASSROOTS, baby. don't let the man hold me down from my imminent blog fame. so help a brother out, eh?

also, i'm really getting in the mood of wanting a house to come home to. anyone know of any good prospects, ideas? i'm just too damn indecisive to figure out where to look and what i want. i like studios but they are expensive and usually in town. not that in town is a bad idea, but i think i'd like some land too. i want to BUY. renting is just throwing money down the drain, in my opinion. i like the vegas area but it is way too hot and i missed the boom there, prices are through the roof now. i've always had a yearning for seattle, i like the rain, the gloom, the grey, and i grew up on grunge. i went there for 2 days walking around seattle proper, and it was pretty nice. didn't have a chance to see the suburbs. all my friends are in columbus, OH. it'd help to have people to look after the place when i get stuck outta the country (322 days as of today - 8 till tax money!), and i DO like the columbus area. the only thing about that is i'm afraid i'll get stuck there. i'll get too comfortable, and not try to experience the rest of the country/world if i have the chance. referring to my recent penis post, we only go through this life once, i want to try to get as much out of it as i can (but i doubt i'm sky-diving anytime soon). yeah, i AM scared of throwing myself out of a perfectly good aeroplane. i hear it is amazing, i'd like to act like i have the testicles to do such a thing, but bravado is lost on me. maybe someday... it's one of those things, well, yeah i'd do it if i was REALLY fukked up. i'm guessing they are kinda like the tattoo places, they kinda frown on intoxicated customers. snooty bastards. i got $$$, just let me get hammered first, i'm even willing to pay the "puking on the guy strapped to my back" hazard fee.

anyways, where should i live? oh, and don't forget to e-mail your friends. it's like a blog chain mail, but i update regularly, i'm not forecasting doom, promising riches or a great sex life (unless your hot, and then what i lack in mind-blowing orgasms, i'll make up for in effort and humorous-yet-tasteful nekkid interpretive dance). hope to see more of ya soon.


Blogger Jill said...

Hey ... I just dropped in here from Swedish Dave ... so count that one as a hit generator. Funny site, by the way!

1:51 PM, January 08, 2006  

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