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09 January 2006

random points of MY interest

ok, so here goes...

i have enough music on my iPod to listen to it continuously 24/7 for 385.6 days. that is just awesome, and when i get home, i plan on increasing that as much as possible. gotta talk to steadman's mom to get her library, and i need to get chumpass's at The B-Town Boyz. he has a lot of older and eclectic stuff i'd like to open my eyes to, or at least try. so when i get home, i might have to hookup my 100Gb HD and DL overnight or something.

in college, i think i read that 30% of all neckties reside in india. just about 1 in every 3 ties IN THE WORLD is in india. i read recently that 17% of the world population is sequestered away in this sub-continent. so i figured when i came here everyone would be wearing ties. the funny part about this story is when i mentioned it to an indian yesterday. we were out in the field waiting for some work to be completed, and i mentioned that i had heard that 30% of ties were in india, so i figured 1 in 3 people would be wearing ties. he then said something along the lines of "mr. jack (for some reason they CANNOT say 'Z'), 1 in 3 people wearing neckties?! in india, maybe 1 in 3 people wear PANTS!!" i thought it was funny. and it is a valid point. at least here in the poorer south of india, the women predominantly wear sarees which is basically a long bolt of cloth wrapped around you like a dress or toga. so women aren't wearing pants (except for the salwar kameez/punjab suit which is a long dress/shirt and long baggy M.C. Hammer-like pants. these are worn more in the north). and here, guys oftentimes wear a loongi, which is a bit of material maybe 1 meter around and 2 meters long. you fold it in half and then wrap it around yourself as such. the locals here wear theirs shorter than i did, but i'm not sure i'm doing it exactly right. so yes, you MIGHT be hard-pressed to find more than 1 in 3 people wearing pants, let alone, ties.

again, i've been wondering about bugs. there was a mosquito in the bathroom at work trying his damnedest to get through the mirror. bouncing up against it over and over and over as we've all seen bugs do with windows and mirrors and lights. i was just wondering what they are thinking. are they like young children with mirrors who react to the reflection as another person. do these bugs see another bug bumpin' up against them intentionally just to keep them from advancing. that would be funny. they must think anytime they run into a mirror that their bug god hates them. and when they run into a window some magic force-field just WON'T let them outside in the pretty, pretty light. but where is their bug god when they are attracted to the pretty UV light? DON'T GO TOWARD THE LIGHT!!! *ZAP*. huh, where is their god then? the one that mocks them by sending a bug angel that looks exactly like them to keep them from going through the mirror.

my out-of-country excel sheet tells me i have 7 days left to get my taxes. woo-hoo. when i found out i was going to be here for the duration of the job, i started a countdown, 330 days and counting. i didn't figure it would be so easy. i figured i might have to dick around in another country for a couple weeks/months to make it but, no no no. nothing goes according to schedule in india. which i guess is kinda ok, since if i was idle for a month or so, my manager might've assigned me to the states screwing up my whole plan.

ok work is almost over and i'm done being random. lata.


Blogger themom said...

I think India has FINALLY done something to your brain. Do you realize you are almost obsessed with BUGS now. Let's see - ants while on the crapper and mosquitoes during down time. And we know some critter attacked your arm - hmmm... stay away from the BUGS.

7:10 AM, January 09, 2006  
Anonymous mom2 said...

zac...i already told you the bugs have no ears and can't hear and i also think they are completly blind and have no eyes and thats why they keep hitting the there you have the answer so quit worrying about those bugs...just think of all that money in a few days...YOU DID IT!!!now concentrate on coming home AND GET YOURSELF A LARGE CAN OF raid!!!! LOVE YA, MOM2

1:01 PM, January 09, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steadman's mom says...come on Z man, u know i'll share my mp3 collection with u anytime, hugssssss hope to see u soon

10:53 PM, January 10, 2006  

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