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10 January 2006

stardust and a home

the stardust experiment is about to start. the stardust spacecraft flew through the coma of comet Wild2 and collected interstellar particles and is returning to earth on 15 january (less than a week). once it lands, a computer is going to take hi-res photographs of the aerogel and NASA has setup a volunteer computing community via BOINC to help in analyzing the data. i'm gonna try to do it, it sounds fun. you should check it out here. this will be the first interstellar dust able to be researched in the laboratory. do it, DO IT, DO IT!..

in other news, i'm looking at places in columbus. i even went to yesterday and to get info. i got an e-mail today about some places. i REALLY like one place called sterling lofts (5th one down). i think it is in the brewery district (on blenkner and front). looks really nice. next time i'm in town i might have to check it out. i know i want either a big old drafty house, or a loft/studio, lots of open space. the big drafty house probably wouldn't be ideal since i'm rarely going to be there, maybe i'll get that when i settle down outta the field. so a studio might be nice. upkeep should be minimal, and secure parking would be nice, as my vehicle might not move upwards of 300 days a year. i really like that one though. brick interior walls, hardwood floors. i don't know EXACTLY what i want, but i think it would be a lot like sterling lofts (doesn't THAT sound like an advertisement?). more pix here. still, there is another in the short north that isn't too bad. and then there is the battleship building. too many choices!!! anyone know anything about any of these places? and now i gotta learn about mortgages. blast, too much work for being out of the country so long. any ideas? help me, i want a place to live and blow money on. all i'll need is electricity and water. no heat or A/C bills right off. that should help. i like brick and lofts. go with it. i hate decisions.


Blogger swedish chef dave said...


the battleship loft looks tiny and not very nice, the brick one that you like looks very nice but how goddam cold does it get up your way, loft are all cold arent they, but would be a good investment after the housing crash not while prices are so f*?king high,
how is your turbine, still with vibration problems, iam after a job in Qatar now i have seen the city of Doha on the net, looks great, its frame 9E so i could be in for some of those vibration problems you know so much about

Dave in the jungle

12:52 PM, January 11, 2006  
Anonymous mom2 said...

zac..yes a loft definetly...would be perfect for you..i can see you in a loft in columbus of course...i really liked the one you liked the best...loved the wood floors and brick walls..thats have plenty of ya mom2

7:48 PM, January 11, 2006  

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