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05 January 2006

ants and iPODs

granted they have nothing in common with each other... i just want to talk about both of them. i was thinking the other day while on the thinking seat, why don't the ants run away? can they hear me? i know how hearing works, i think it would be difficult to hear any wavelength longer then your body, more specifically, your ear parts. and ants are little, so maybe they can't hear a lot. i'm thinking, on their scale, i gotta be making some ruckus just walking around. i wonder if they can see all the way the top of my head. that is quite a ways. estimating an ant to be 1mm (.040") tall, i'm for ease of calculation, 72" tall; therefore, the top of my head is 1800 body lengths away from him. that'd be like trying to see something 2 miles away. ok, so maybe that isn't too heady, but back to the hearing thing. wouldn't it be weird if they couldn't hear us? we could make all the noise in the world and it'd be lost on them. wouldn't it suck if aliens did the same thing? they'd come down and they'd be broadcasting to all their hearts' content on some anti-dark-matter band that we don't know exists, but they think is commonplace. they'd be telling us all to stop moving or they shoot, and we are all like "fukk off, what are you doing there just floating and not saying anything, ya pompous pricks!", then they'd vaporize us for being insolent, when we were rather just ignorant to the fact that there was another form of energy. get me? all this from watching ants from the porcelain high chair.

in other news, i got my iPOD. my OCD has baffled my fellow TAs, particularly emma. apparently she likes gifts, even other people's. she couldn't wait to open MY iPOD, take the stickers off, she even turned it on before i could. she wants me to put music on it, but i don't trust apple to not fukk up my formatting. so i finished formatting today, made 3 backups on my external HDs, and started adding to the iPOD. 8100 songs. after about 2.5-3 hours of uploading, having uploaded ~1800 songs, i jostled my USB hub by accident and the iPOD thought it lost it's connection. i had to stop iTunes, and restart to get it to synch again. when i stopped it, i checked the iPOD... 30 songs. 30 SONGS!!! wtf?! 3 hours for 30 songs??? i don't know what happened, but since it lost the connection, it decided, nah, let's start over. see, i don't trust apple. i'm going to have it upload overnight, better not fukk things up. stupid apple. but it is black, 60Gb, and video so i can watch porn whenever i want... mall, airplane bathroom, wherever. i'm going to jail.

gotta go work on an alibi.


Blogger themom said...

...could slyght be on drugs? i can't remember the last time i pondered the hearing abilities of an ant!!! the answer: INDIA is doing something to your brain!! run as fast as you can!!

8:12 PM, January 05, 2006  
Anonymous mom 2 said...

you are starting to worry me...ants are none of our business...i don't think they can hear as they don't have ears...thats what i heard...GET A CAN OF RAID!!!!!be good.. love ya,mom 2

11:03 AM, January 06, 2006  

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