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06 January 2006

damn you, gas turbine, DAMN YOU!!!

so the turbine teased us today. and she's a professional whore, she is. we put a FOURTH balance shot in, started up, and the vibrations settled in at .2"/sec. that is BEAUTIFUL!! they were there for about an hour maybe, we were all stroke-worthy, shaking hands, pats on the back... i was a bit wary but it looked good. i went to the office, did some e-mails, and get a call: vibrations are up to .38"/sec. god dammit! it ended going up to alarm again. it doesn't looks like an imbalance anymore, more of a thermal issue. this sucks.

the end-user asked when i scheduled a conference call with engineering. i told him i hadn't. i updated them with EVERY BIT of information we have, so if i called engineering, i'd say "look at this file, look at this file, and maybe look at this file," all of which i said in the e-mail. they LOVE conference calls ever since one of our engineers let them know they can be coerced. !@#$%^&*. i told him he can have a call if he wants, but my part is done. i'll be here forever. i'm going home, er, the hotel... well, home.

btw, i changed swedishchefdave's address in the links. he's come over to blogspot, and i forgot to change his address. check him out. later


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