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02 February 2006

sudoku crap

i apologize to anyone who has been using the sudoku puzzle on my page. it is shite! the controls TA onsite has done a couple she knew were right and it said it was not complete, i just just 3 and it said
they were all wrong. i have a sudoku solver program (i told you i was hooked), plugged in the numbers, got a solution, put it in the page and it still said it was wrong. i hope this doesn't discourage anyone from the joy that is sudoku. i'll put a better one up once i find it. until then, please enjoy the hyperbola (they're everywhere!!! mwah hah hah).


Blogger themom said...

thank you - i knew i had puzzles done correctly only to be informed by the "solver" that they weren't. not totally losing my mind.

10:23 AM, February 02, 2006  
Anonymous KristinW said...

You can include a daily sudoku puzzle for free on your site, details here: Sudoku Hints

You just include a snippet of html code, and a new puzzle will appear automatically each day. It's easy to set up.

Here are some sites that already use it:

Each puzzle is guaranteed to be solvable. You can click through to the Sudoku Hints site and get hints or step-by-step solutions if you want.

- KristinW

7:30 PM, February 02, 2006  

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