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12 March 2006

two down... gimme another


slobodan milosevic is deadtom fox, bible-thumper extraordinaire, figured he and 3 of his Christian Peacemaker Teams missionaries could make a difference in iraq. well, at the very least, tom did... he changed the body count.

he was recently found in a baghdad garbage dump wrapped in plastic, having been tortured and shot in the head. tom was a quaker; quakers are conscientious objectors; therefore, tim was a conscientious objector. they won't fight for our country as they are pacifist, but they will travel to a war-torn country to stand in front of our bullets and missiles and try to reason with crazy people... crazy people that willingly strap bombs to themselves in order to further their twisted view on an otherwise non-violent doctrine. why do they do this?, you ask. maybe it's their attempt at receiving penance for touching half-pint's "private parts" while tucking him in as a child or to get away from the ball-n-chain's nagging for a while.

a similar situation happened in 2003 called Operation Human Shield. this was a grassroots peace plan that put 150 peace activists in strategic places around iraq to prevent the use of full-scale force in iraq. OK, people, human shielding is a tactic used by terrorists and guerrillas. quit being stupid. you put yourself in harms way, i can't stop you, but it won't stop me. when you get on the plane, we'll take your picture and name, and if one of our guys sees you through a scope, you are a hostile. you've defected to iraq to practice freedom of idiocy.

so in the long run, what did tom accomplish? he wasted money that could've been spent better elsewhere, and he got his name in the paper. good on ya, tom. better you than me.


*munchkins singing* ding-dong, the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low;
let them know milosevic is dead

tom fox was killed in iraqslobodan milosevic was found dead in his cell saturday morning. granted he was in poor health was and recently denied by the court the chance to go a heart clinic for treatment, but i was hoping he'd get to stick around to complete his war crimes trial (ongoing since 2002). he wouldn't have gotten anything near what he deserved for the brutal crimes he committed/ordered in kosovo against the croats/bosnians/etc, but he would've suffered. megalomaniacs don't do so well in prisons, segregated, impotent, nobody. strangely enough, milan babic, the star witness in the trial committed suicide less than one week back in the very same prison. i've been watching the HBO prison drama, "OZ", and it sounds like something strange might be happening. retaliation in prison is abound, at least when people are tuning in every week to see it. either way, i wish it would've been tougher on him, but at least no one is having to pay for him anymore.


who's next?


Blogger themom said...

I AM IMPRESSED. you really do pay attention to what is goin on in the world- other than porn!?!? i truly LOVE _ LOVE - LOVE the Geo. W. countdown - it cannot go fast enough for the american people. keep surprising me.


6:30 AM, March 13, 2006  

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