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03 May 2006

grassroots returned

some of you may remember a while back, i was trying to generate traffic to the site. ok, so when i went back home and went through all my toys, i found my cards. i had some cards made up from VistaPrint (thanks to SM for the heads up there) advertising nomadic tendencies. now i need people to spread the word. so... if anyone out there thinks they have a place where they wouldn't mind dropping off some cards randomly, parks, CD stores, business counters, 25 cent spank booths, whatever... e-mail me with a mailing address if you are interested and maybe an approximate amount of cards you wanna distribute, and i'll send em your way, free of charge. for an idea of what they look like, you can check out the original post. i just had those printed up. i have about 500 cards to hand out to you to spider their way into the low-tech information exchange network. plus you'll get a personally addressed envelope from india with a letter from me thanking you.

keep me updated and thanks.


Anonymous jared said...

Q.- What do Michigan football and marijuana have in common?

A.- They both get smoked in Bowls.

10:32 AM, May 03, 2006  

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