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24 June 2006

jack bauer > all

i'm a fairly recent convert to the phenomenon that is '24'. i knew of the series, thought the concept was great, but i was on the road and never had the chance to follow it. several months ago when emma went on R&R, her replacement came to fill in and he brought DVDs. lots and lots of DVDs. i found out he had the first 4 seasons of '24', so at lunch i started watching them. good lord, was i hooked. i was only able to get through the first season and maybe 4 episodes of the second before he had to leave and take his precious, precious discs/drugs away from me. it was probably the day after he left that i went to and bought all four seasons myself. when i went home for TheOlderSister's wedding, i picked 'em up and packed 'em up. ever since i've come back to india, emma and i have become jack bauer junkies. two, sometimes three episodes a day.

jack is such a bad-ass. he does what needs done, no matter the circumstances, and he's quick thinking. i've thought more than once that i'd be a dead man in THAT situation. another TA onsite gave me this link about the truths about jack bauer. i was rolling. i particularly like the one about him losing his keys, and the fact that he doesn't miss when shooting at terrorists. it is great.

i like president palmer too. now HE is "the decider". he's had some tough decisions to make and that bitch wife of his... i won't even go there. he's upright, straightforward, and concise. i would definitely vote for a guy like him.

there are some flaws, not with the show, but with CTU. first, CTU apparently does their hiring from and outsources the background checks to McDonald's assistant managers to do on their lunch breaks. second, CTU setting up a perimeter is about as effective as deep-sea fishing with some twine and a basketball hoop... it ain't gonna catch shit. and last, CTU security guards. i think they have use rent-a-tard for security. it seems every few episodes, jack is tracking someone through CTU by following the eviscerated-security-guard trail left behind by said bad guy. you are CTU... you should EXPECT the unexpected and that would include fortifying your own perimeter (oh, we already talked about how useless their perimeters are). your security guards should be frickin' moonlighting military commandos, not joe xbox who walks up to CTU and asks for a job because he's beaten "goldeneye" on his home game console.

still, despite those minor shortcomings, i'm majorly addicted to the show. we usually watch it at lunch, and i forgot to bring a new disc today, so you get to hear about my infatuation with jack bauer and his merry band of mercenaries.


Anonymous trinny said...

I honestly thought of this, before I read it...

The bumper sticker on Jesus's car reads, "WWJBD?"

Gosh Darnit! But I think there's some marketing and selling opportunity here...

1:27 AM, July 10, 2006  

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