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16 June 2006

what in the holy fukkig bawlz is going on here?!

well, we were ready to bring the unit down to do an outage about 4-5 days ago, but they had to showoff baseload. i didn't like it, i want to go home, and sitting around making 40MW for 4-5 days is slow going and rots the mind. so today, we pooja'd, we ate, we burnt flowers, and at one point early on, i thought we MIGHT be lucky enough to see a cow sacrificed, but no dice there. it was about 4PM, and i was wondering why we hadn't gone to baseload yet so we can shut the unit down ASAP. it takes nearly 48 hours to cool down, so we need it to shutdown as soon as we can. i find out we aren't going to baseload at all. nope, just had a pooja for the higher-ups. wasting gas like mad and my time, which is even MORE precious. i want out and they are holding me back. i want to try to make it to a wedding on 22 july and i don't know if i can. DAMMIT! i was gonna go to new zealand after this.

oh by the way, someone described to us yesterday that this pooja is kinda like a housewarming party. i told another TA that usually housewarming parties aren't held when you are still in boxes. blah


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG Zac - this is Sarah.
Yesterday I saw a pic of Astin Kutcher in US magazine wearing a B&W camo print utili-kilt!

How cool is that?

9:13 AM, June 16, 2006  

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