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16 June 2006

pooja and a headline

well, we were ready to make some progress on this site about 4-5 days ago, but the end-user had some bigwigs coming in that they wanted to show off for. today is the day. we pooja'd, threw rice in cooking milk for some reason (3 times), emma threw some flowers on a pile for some head honcho, and we had a traditional south indian meal. they are so excited about we pale-skins eating traditional south indian food. apparently, they forget that emma and i have been here (this site, not india) longer than most of them (myself 16.5 months, emma just shy of a year). in those oh-so-many moons, they think this is the first time i've had traditional south indian food. but we humored them, the potato curry was good and emma like the biryani.

the funny thing about it was the coincidental headline in 'the hindu' newspaper this morning. they talk about our pooja today and our plans and the end-user's manager even comes out and says he doesn't know when it will be commissioned even though today was the celebration for the "commissionin gof the plant" as quoted from the the invitation. the steamers are looking forward to getting out of here, probably before us. that never happens, but on this site, the exception is the rule. emma got some pooja pictures but i'm too unmotivated to post them. maybe tomorrow.

and TheMom texted me that she was going to be on the bridgecam of her cruise at 11AM her time. i looked but no one was there. it was pretty barren. i hope she was having fun at the casino or with some rich guy on his deathbed to miss that opportunity. hope you are having fun in the princess cays, princess's very own private island/resort. love ya.


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