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19 June 2006

the rain is back

i'd say pseudo-officially, the monsoon just might be here. it was wicked windy for about an hour with the sky darkening, so we knew a storm was coming. i was on my way across the site and while everyone else was running for cover, i was taking my time soaking up the huge drops of rain pounding down on me. it's no ebeen raining for maybe 3 hours. it is so nice.

TheMom is back from vacation. i'm sure it was too short, but i know she had a good time. now we ALL have to hold her hand and talk her through how to put pictures on her blog. i've showed her paint-by-numbers how to do it, but she's still a bit muddled about it. we wanna see the nice places she was. also, i noticed something about her blog. most of her titles either start or end with "...". maybe it's her THING. i don't know.

and i found samurai sudoku. 5x the time-wasting fun. later, time to go home, er... i mean, to the hotel.


Blogger themom said...

you have a problem with "my thing"? ... is a very good way to either start or end for me.

so there!!


7:54 PM, June 19, 2006  

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