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10 June 2006

TheMom is away (and i was too, for a bit)

well, TheMom is currently in ft. lauderdale awaiting her chance to hop on the cruise ship that will carry her around the caribbean. i called her, and she was excited to be going, packing and unpacking and repacking again. halfway through her "ship" book already... 'the da vinci code' is that good.

work is the same ol', same ol'. we take a couple steps forward, and a couple back. luckily though, lately it has been more of the former and less of the latter. the CONSENSUS among my crew AND the alstom TAs is maybe 4-6 weeks left. that is such a heavenly feeling, but i remember blogging oh-so-many months ago about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and IT was a fake. i'm being optimistic again, and damn me for it.

two days back, we had a barbecue. it was great. detlef came back from R&R with a small hibachi grill and meat (he was even nice enough to bring me 3 budweisers when i forgot to bring him 2 guinnesses on my last trip - he's since curse me to be in india forever). we were trying to think of the ideal location: the outside bar but it is kinda rundown, someone's balcony but there may be too many people... then we decided on the roof. BRILLIANT! the hotel has service rooms on every floor halfway down the hallway. TheGeneral crew supplied an extension cord and adapters and i spent about 15 minutes rounding up chairs from the various service rooms without trying to cause too much of a disturbance from the hotel staff. coincidentally, there was already a table up there that we could use. we couldn't find any outlets on the roof, so we threw our super-long heavy-duty bright orange extension cord over the roof to detlef's balcony where we sourced his room power to play mp3s over his travel speakers. it worked out quite well. we tracked down the room service staff and told them we wanted beer, ice, and whiskey delivered to the roof. after a while with no service, we tracked them down again, and clarified "rooF" not "room", where it seems they were waiting. after that things went well. we cooked non-indian steaks, bratwurst, another kind of wurst. they were excellent. there were two new alstom people, rolf and alex. i think alex likes emma, he talked to her a lot about shopping and whatnot. then those two left, ali and i talked, emma and detlef talked. before we knew it, it was 2:30AM on the roof. the weather was great, the food was fantastic, and the company was impressive. it's one of those things that, for a couple hours at least, helps you forget you are so far away from the things you want the most.


Anonymous mom 2 said...

zac so nice to hear you had such a nice evening...guess it makes things a little more bearable there...talked to your mom from florida.friday night...feel so bad that i'm not there...we have such a great time together...miss her but i know she will have the best an invite to ej's's july 22 and she wants you and all the columbus boyz to be there..really hope you can make it...that would be something if you all could get together...hope so...
be good and love ya mom 2

8:04 PM, June 11, 2006  

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