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14 June 2006

strange blog hits and the reformat is complete

due to reasons that will be explained at a later date, i checked my stat counter today. strangely enough around 2 hours ago, i got hammered with hits until about 5 minutes ago. i was getting hits from ALL over the world about 1 every 2 or 3 minutes. it stopped just recently and i've already had 77 hits today alone. they were from random blogs, i'm guessing it is from one of the link exchanges i've subscribed to but the strange thing was how it happened all at the same time from different countries. eh, i don't know.

i JUST now finished reformatting the post titles. when i started this blog i knew very little about HTML, and didn't like the size of the post title, it was too big, so i looked up some simple HTML code and put that in EVERY title to shrink it down to 80% of the parameter size, where i wanted it. well, as i learned more, i found the parameter that set the font size and changed it so i didn't have to add the code to the titles anymore. but now i had about 200 posts with that code in the titles, taking 80% of my new smaller font making archived post titles super small. with blogger, the most posts you can look at at one time is 300. i noticed today i was at 294 posts on this blog so it was now or never. with firefox it is easy as, for some reason, the posts load immensely faster than in IE, AND i can open like 15 at once in tabs to change, publish, and close in one window. so i just finished that. tedious as it was, now all my posts, including archives, have readable titles and my OCD is satiated for the time being.


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