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24 June 2006

oh the meetings

a few days ago, i talked about the absurd meetings the customer was having us go to over and over again with just one more person being on teleconference. they were trying to determine how much gas we needed to finish the work here. so we were having meetings with spreadsheets broken down in hour-by-hour chunks. this many megawatts at 9AM = x amount of gas, etc. over like 15 days. i'll reiterate, there is a major as shortage in india, so what do they do? build a gas turbine. again, once this site goes commercial, that oh-so-sought-for day that we get to leave, they plan on running for a couple weeks, maybe a month, and then shutting down for up to a year. it's a mess. so we are having these multitude of meetings, they want everything scripted down to the hour.

we show up today to start the unit at 9AM per the schedule. we have to wait until 11AM. 11AM rolls around... no start today, no gas. WTF?! and tomorrow is TENTATIVE! i AM doomed to stay here forever.

btw, TheMom, i'm fine, just busy with stupid meetings. where are the pics? you can DO it. just try and if you mess it up, i'll fix it. take a risk.


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