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01 July 2006

elections in india suck

oh yeah, that's right. apparently, when there are elections in india, the bars close. the area/region goes dry during the elections. apparently, contenders might use alcohol to draw votes, and alcohol has been known to cause violence during voting times. screw that! i can't vote, let me drink. this happened to us in rajahmundry last week when they closed the hotel bar (with no previous notice) and most of the other bar/restaurants in the city were closed as well. <side note> due to NON-alcohol induce violence, they are having to redo the vote in certain regions of rajahmundry so TWO MORE @#$%ing days of no bar!!!</side note>.

so we get to the taj residency in vizag, settle in, check out the place, it looks nice. we got here around 6PM. after we checked in, they posted a sign in the lobby. the hotel is dry from 5PM friday through 5PM sunday... just about the entire time we are here. it is time for VIZAG elections. that means that the section of the hotel called "lawson's lounge", the bar, is closed. even though this is the place that has the advertised billiards tables and disco on saturday. they have a barbecue on saturday as well. since it is closed, they cancel those, rather than having them dry. i was quite looking forward to billiards and barbecue. granted a disco without alcohol might've not been EXTREMELY fun, but i'd've gone. so some of the bigger reasons we chose this hotel to stay at, aren't even available. fukking sucks. we have two beers in our wet bar and they wouldn't even refresh that once they were done still, we were able to talk to some people. white skin CAN have it's advantages at times. we've got some of the hotel staff on our side. couldn't get them to open the bar, but in a sense, we got them to bring a mini-bar to us.

so Indian Government... yeah, you; don't worry about cutting alcohol on election days, think more on policing the polls and cutting down on corruption first. that might be a good head start to cutting down the violence. damn you, i want a beer, and cooked animal flesh in barbecue sauce!!!


Blogger themom said...

you go white boy!!! if you don't vote you should be able to drink - so there - there endeth the lesson!


9:52 PM, July 01, 2006  

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