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29 June 2006

crazy eddie's pic-o-rama

it looks like our site is concerned with some baldness issues it has. i tell them bald is in this season, but they take no heed. you can see in the picture they've resorted to using grass plugs. everyone knows it doesn't look natural, but they're too nice to tell the person. that's the case here. no, but seriously folks, people were paid to plant BY HAND, that grass, one handful at a time. i'd estimate that section in the picture extends maybe 200-300 yards total on both sides of the road that goes from the entrance to the plant itself. what a tedious and thankless job that is to plant grass by hand. do they have grass nurseries where they grow grass until it is old enough to be plantable? i just don't get it.

and in other news, i stopped at the ATM yesterday to get some paneer (that's indian, for cheese or the equivalent, chedda'). i've seen this dog there before but never had my camera handy. luckily, one of the new guys onsite had his and took the picture. i'm not sure of the purpose of dotting a dog. i guess they could have a third-eye or chakra thing or whatever it is supposed to represent. this is the guard dog of sorts at the ATM. a security guard sits outside the ATM foyer and opens the door for you, and this dog is tied to his chair. now that little dothead puppy makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about the safety of my rupees.


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