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27 June 2006

day 4...

and the crew is losing morale. we are lost at sea, the winds have left us, and we are running out of drinking water. i fear a mutiny might be on the horizon. . .

it's not really that bad but still, things aren't going good. we were supposed to start the unit on saturday. today is tuesday, day 4, and we still have no gas. the end user has gone to visit with the governmental ministry to beg to get some gas to finish commissioning this site. i don't see how the government is going to be very compliant.
  • OPTION 1: the government can allow 'X' amount of sites running at full load to supply the country with as much power as possible in this unbearable heat

  • OPTION 2: they can shutdown 2-3 of those full load sites to give us enough gas to do our testing, thus neglecting the country's power needs to support a site that will be shutdown for a couple months
i'm pretty sure i know what i would choose in this power-starved country. so here we sit. praying and sacrificing the nuclear crickets to the gods that the gas won't be here for a few months so we can demobilize and let someone else finish this mess.


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