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28 June 2006

the dangers of indian 3-star hotels

this morning, i stepped outside my room to go to work and found this. you might have to click to see the details. the hotel is remodelling the remainder of the 2nd floor. there are 3 suites on the floor: mine, emma's across from me, and one on my side at the far end of the hall. besides that, there are maybe 18 rooms per floor, so they are remodelling 15 rooms at one time. during remodelling, they break pipes, drop sand and mortar, spill paint. the crew is **surprise** not very concerned about quality. so this morning the paper that sits outside my room is soaked due to the broken water pipes in many of the rooms flooding the hallway. they must've noticed it too late as they've put up a towel barrier to prevent further flooding. you can see the wires they use (no plug, only loose wires the shove into the outlet) plugged into the wall and sitting in water. oh yea! this is a fun place.


Blogger themom said...

at first i thought the water may be from "monsoons" then your explanation. Their construction techniques are quite similar to the Mexicans. I observed a lot of scary methods in Mexico over the years. one word - SCARY.


5:42 AM, June 28, 2006  

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