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24 June 2006


ok, i wanted to put this on hold until TheMom got back from her cruise. in case she was crazy enough to take time out of her vacation to read my blog, i didn't want to chance upsetting her. here it goes.

a few days back, i received an e-mail from TheMistress. some people might know my dad had an affair for quite some time from the bits and pieces i've gathered, and he was living with her when he died. she wrote to tell me she'd stumbled upon my blog by accident. she was glad she did and found it "...funny, and bright, and interesting". she goes on about how much he loved me and TheSister "unconditionally", and "we are all just flawed human beings". the kinds of things one tells oneself to rationalize the irrational/immoral/illegal things one is doing. she was nice enough in the e-mail, written in a friendly pinkish-purplish font color. she's concerned that TheSister is holding in a bunch of anger. how sweet of her to care.

apparently, she was going through my archive posts and found this post which i wrote in september of last year. well, as you see, i don't speak very highly of the 'love of her life'. needless to say, her opinion of me made a complete 180. she sent a 2nd e-mail (this time in a more serious navy blue font), and went all super spasmatic, basically saying my dad wasn't loved at his house by TheMom or UsKids. she said he was really proud of me, my college, etc. this is the guy who showed up drunk to my graduation and was glad my name started with "B" so he could skip out early. in the 2nd e-mail she sent me, after she'd been offended/pissed off, she went on to say he knew that i hated him. i'm glad he got that. i wasn't sure i had gotten the point across, so that's a monkey off my back. she goes on to say "I don't think you had the balls then or now to stand up". when i was young, no chance. standing up to belligerent drunks who are bigger than you usually results in visits to the emergency room. in high school, he'd try to wrestle. it wasn't fair. the guy was 130lbs of cirrhosised liver and drunk. it was cake. still, all this time, i knew him only as a drunk, i didn't know about TheMistress. so i didn't really have a reason to stand up to him, unless he went after TheMom or TheSister. and, TheMistress, it's difficult to stand up to a dead person, so the "now" part... a bit on the impossible side without pondering exhumation and that's just a bit unnecessary.

there's more babble about finances and how TheDad sent home more than enough money to take care of the house despite us being pretty damn close to broke several times. i was too young to know the details on this subject. parents rarely let their grade-schoolers into their financial dealings, but i've seen the man drink. i can only make inferences from personal dealings. when i drink (typically weekends but more in india), i drink a lot, and TheDad was one guy i wouldn't never have challenged to a contest. he drank WAY more than me, daily. when i drink, i can rack up quite a bill, and i make some nice coin. i know my dad didn't make as much as i do and orders of magnitude more than me, so i can see how he might not be able to send home as much money as she may have thought, but again, i didn't see the checks. i know we weren't driving around ferraris and eating caviar. i can't think of where the money might have been going if it were sent. still, that's his job. that's what road workers do. i'm a road worker as well. though in this case, i'm the guy who tells people like him what needs to be done. we don't necessarily go on the road because we like it, though it does, in my case, have some nice perks. we do it for the family. you don't need much on the road. a bed (preferably a hotel rather than sharing it with a barfly), a car to get to and from work, and food. that's it. after that, the money goes back to the family, the kids, the bills. i KNOW a lot of his went to anheuser-busch, and i'm sure there were some sad A-B personnel the day TheDad died.

i offended TheMistress because i showed such disdain for "the love of her life" on the web for everyone to see. too bad. that's my call. she can write poetry and blog all she wants about the drunk from WV who swept her off her feet when he had a home and a family. she can talk about how much she loved his beer-breath, his raspy cancer-ravaged voice, that hard-as-a-rock bloated stomach. hmmm, i guess he WAS a catch; makes me kinda forget why i hated him. oh yeah, he was abusive, a drunk, an adulterer, cruel, absent, and careless. yeah, almost forgot. i know you can't help who you love, but you shouldn't sugar coat it. loving a miserable person doesn't change anything. it's still love, but it's still a miserable person. that, i'm OK with as long as you can call a spade a spade.

and it was ended with such tact. a tirade of expletives and insults against the people that had him first, wrapped up intelligently by "Don't bother responding, I've blocked you". oh, i do so miss teenage arguments.

i couldn't help it, i had to reply back. JUST... IN... CASE...
i'll try anyways.... i think you need medication. you contacted me. keep that in mind.


i kinda lost the stream i was going with in this post, since i waited for TheMom, but that's OK. i'm pretty sure TheMistress doesn't read this anymore, and i shouldn't've wasted this much time on either her or TheDad anyways. but that is what a blog is for on a slow day.


Anonymous themom said...

Amazingly enough, the bimbo never really GOT IT!!! He cheated on his first wife and lied about her to me, and turned around and did the same thing with one UGLY ROUND broad(Sharon). When he left he sent money for three months and STOPPED. So she again was wrapped in his pathological lying. Enough of all that. You are intrinsically well aware of the man - she never knew him as a father, only a wannabe father. You are who you are, because of your inate ability to sense the evils around you. I am proud, because I watched and helped you along. Your dad was proud, so he could have bragging rights. He knew nothing about your college days or anything else. I love you for the wonderful person you are, and NOTHING like him. We owe that bimbo nothing. So if you feel the need to get it all out - go get her big boy - I love ya!!

11:56 PM, June 24, 2006  
Anonymous thedaughter said...

Apparently the dog as you call the mistress has not grown up any seeing as though after thedad died she moved one of his friends right into his place. As for the anger feelings I have she knew that from the get go and will hopefully continue to realize I am the crazy person who can actually make her so called life a living hell. You have noone to defend yourself to mom was the best and sharon was just one of his whores and I say that because following in his footsteps as a little bar fly I met quite a few of his whores. Sharon just happen to be the one who would let him die on a bar stool beside her instead of with his family where he belonged the whole time. All she wanted was what she got everything dad had from a mint condition car and a house boat and of course the coins your grandfather left you. She is a material bitch and has no room in this family what so ever. She got what she wanted and as it turns out I still know where she lives hopefully she keeps that in mind and sleeps with one eye opened if she thinks she can threaten this family anymore. And to any othe Bonenberger's that agree with her you all can go to hell because we are better than you and by we I mean me mom and the brother. Get a life Sharon I hope you got a chance to read this!!!!!

11:55 AM, June 25, 2006  
Anonymous trinny said...

Wow, so sorry to hear about this. It is just unfortunate that there are these kinds of selfish people in the world, out to ruin your day or week. Well, it sounds like you have the situation well in hand. Try not to let it ruin another second of your day. If I were there, I'd give you a big old bear hug. Peace out, brother.

5:58 PM, June 25, 2006  
Anonymous jean said...

zac do not waste another moment thinking about this clueless old hag...she couldn't begin to know what has went on in you life or your mom and sisters...just be glad you had the wonderful mother that you have...i am so curious to know why "the hag" had the nerve to contact you and why she was given your blog sight,we all know she didn't just come across it...i think you have let them all know how you feel about a lot of things...the "barfly" doesn't have aa clue!!! just know zac that me russ chad and the rest of your adopted family love you very much and are so proud of good and be careful love mom 2

11:25 PM, June 25, 2006  

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