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05 July 2006

thank you, louis reard... thank you

on this day, in 1946, just a day too late for the independence day festivities, engineer louis reard unveiled the bikini. named after the bikini atoll, where, only a few days earlier, the U.S. had conducted preliminary hydrogen and atomic bomb testing, mr. reard named them as such hoping his new bathing suit would "explode" onto the scene.

fast forward 60 years, and you we are introduced to the lovely, LOVELY wicked weasel line of lingerie and bikinis. ever since i saw the first picture of a wicked weasel bikini back in college and asked myself, "shouldn't you see her clitoris?", i knew it was love at first site. the only thing left was to meet a girl who would wear that for me in the bedroom and a place in public where she was ALLOWED to wear it.

louis reard was quoted as saying "a bikini is not a bikini unless it can be pulled through a wedding ring". now that brings a tear to my eye, and a nice electronic payment in wicked weasel's bank account. god bless you, mr. reard, god bless YOU!!!.

i, uh... i've... got something in my eye. i, uh... gotta go. enjoy.


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