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28 July 2006

still waiting on my computer

well another week is gone without gas, we are sitting around with our proverbial thumbs up our arses. it really attacks the morale to just sit around doing nothing while your friends are half a world away having fun, getting married, interacting. when i'm working it isn't so bad, but when there is nothing to do, i just want to go home, take my 2 banked R&Rs, my vacation, the 10 days promised me by my last manager for not paying out the 10 says vacation i couldn't take last year. i want to spend time with friends and family, eat something non-indian, i want to drive and see movies in a cinema. this sucks. i'm guessing we won't get gas until mid-september, though it's just a rumor. if that is the case, i'm going to try to take mid-august to mid-september off, so i can possibly go to a race with the BTBz, see TheFamily, see TheNephew's birthday, see emma, and just reacclimate to civilization.

on other news, i went to vijayawada on wednesday to drop off my laptop for repair. someone onsite was going down there on monday, so they tried to drop it off for me, but the drop off point wanted a computer bag and the power cord. i didn't supply the power cord because they are shipping it to an IBM service center, i'm guessing they have a cord, and i didn't supply the bag because i have TONS of shite in my bag that i need not counting the computer. so me and TheDriver took the 3 hour trip to the dropoff point, i took it in, and they weren't satisfied with my computer bag. how asinine is that? i'm sorry sir, but your computer bag isn't like all the other ones we know about, so you're gonna have to... really, i about blew my top. i prefer the backpack style computer bag with the padded compartment for the laptop. after some fuming and him-hawing around the office, they decided they could "make an exception" and take this type of back WTF!?. good for them. one good thing is they said it should be back at their shop (it has to ship to the main service center in hyderabad) by monday. i was originally told it would take at least a week. yeah, yeah, yeah, i'm getting my hopes up which is a REALLY bad thing to do in india, and particularly on this job, but it's all i got. i need my connection to the outside world. i need my e-mail and internet and DVD player. fingers are crossed for monday, we'll see.

until then, since we have no gas, i think we are going to vizag this weekend. the two new guys haven't been. i won't have a computer, and it looks like it is going to rain all weekend, so i think it will suck a bit, but it IS better than being stuck in a hotel here.

**UPDATE** as per usual, we here there is going to be gas tomorrow, so the vizag trip is on hold. FUUUUUUUUUKKKKK!!!

that's it. really, i'm about this close (you can't see it but my index finger and thumb are VERY close together) to just saying "fukk it, i'm tired of the politics, i'm going home, figure it out without me." maybe i'll request a permanent replacement, but i know that will fly like a lead balloon. @#$%^&


Blogger Jules said...

Do it, do it, do it. Fukk 'em, come home. You've done your time and people here miss you.

9:54 AM, July 28, 2006  
Blogger Paul said...

I dare ya... In fact, I double dog dare ya... Come on dude, break free, your time should be up... Time to get home!!!

10:51 AM, July 28, 2006  
Blogger Mike T said...

Fear not Z, if push comes to shove the B-Town Boyz can fly over to India and "kidnap" you. Of course the General would have to answer to our harsh demands list. Like in the movie "Airheads" when the demand list includes naked pictures of Bea Arthur. Seriously, I say fukk it. What are they going to do fire you? With the kind of experience you've obtained you could pretty much name your job with any company in the states.

12:28 PM, July 28, 2006  

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