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23 July 2006

take that, bitchez!!!

so, the indian government gave up a little ground. they've taken some blog pages off their restricted list, and blogspot is one of them. so i can see the blogs now. that is good, i can get my fix briefly before emma leaves india tomorrow. now i have to recall all my blogs by memory and THAT is no good. that's what bookmarks are for, damn stupid computer.

and in other news, in the paper yesterday, we read that the gas supplier that the end-user is haggling with for gas... they basically said, there is no way in hell we are getting gas. the last time we showed a newspaper headline like that to the end-user, they said it was outdated info. i guess we'll see when we go in on monday and no one tells us anything. blah. i wanna go home. i wanna get my computer fixed. i want a whopper and square pizza (lococo's or dicarlo's). i want subway subs and a steak at steve's. i'm gonna take some time off after this job and enjoy america. hope my manager agrees with that. ummm... yeah, that's all i have for now, i think. the next update will be from either the ratty net cafe or sneaking some time on another TAs computer.

gotta go help emma pack. her bags are too heavy.


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