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01 July 2006

holy internet batman!!!

i LOVE high-speed internet. they have wireless here at the hotel. i've downloaded everything i've needed to in NO time. it is so amazing i wish i had more to download. funny thing is, when i went to log on (the hotel charges $14/day), my logon is my last name, and my password is my room number. so i type in said info, and it says they are incorrect. try again... same thing. WTF!!! i know my last name and room number, so i'm just about to pick up the phone to call reception to figure it out when the phone rings. it is the hotel IT guy. he says it looks like i'm trying to log onto the system but having trouble. i tell him i'm putting in my last name and room number. i spelled out my last name for him and he said that was WAY wrong. i'm spelling 'bonenberger' and he's telling me the name they have on record is 'william'. HAHAH. when they take down your passport information when you check in, they take it in order... first line: bonenberger; second line: zachary william. so they think my first name is bonenberger, and my last name is william. googly!

anyways, i thought it was fricking amazing that THEY called ME within maybe 15 seconds of having an issue!!! that is ONE part of this hotel i'm not complaining about. and i'm on the speedy net.

oh yeah, and i lost an earring and a hairband whille getting my ass kicked trying to body surf the rough waves in the bay of bengal right outside the hotel. yea fun! emma watched me and said she'd save me, if necessary... then there would've been two drowning engineers.

i'm going for yummy food.


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