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21 September 2006

my first lamborghini

florence is nice. training is kinda slow and unstructured, but the italians are cool that way. we finished up yesterday around 6pm, which we believe is going to be a little later than we will the rest of the week. the italians are having a hard time getting the internet setup in the training room, which is probably good for them because we might COMPLETELY ignore them if they set that up. i'm writing this in notepad and will update it when i get back to the hotel where i'm paying an outrageous 88 euros for 7 days (~$110).

last night we all got together around 7:45pm at the hotel vittoria where 4 of the other 5 guys in the class are staying. had a few drinks, they have snacks there, and then headed out to a restaurant that "the bitchy girl" at the hotel suggested, ristorante nanamuta. the food was amazing. priscutto appetizers with bread and cheese, mozzarella and cheese, beef carpascio... wow. then we ordered lamb chops, rabbit and chicken, pasta with duck and two bottles of wine. it was superb. my faith in italian food is much improved from my last visit when i worked 12-hour night shift. when i was on that job, i ate nothing more than bologna sandwiches and reheated grocery lasagna.

after that we went to an "american" bar, coccacina, suggested by both, the hotel and the ristorante we were at. the bar was ok, a bit small. somehow the hotel purchased from the city the parking spaces in front of their place and turned them into sitting spots for patrons. since it is small inside, most of the youngins go in, buy their drinks, and take them outside to sit on the bridge directly across the street. we grabbed a few drinks and went to do the same. while we were out there, we saw this nicely dressed italian guy who we thought was being harassed by the carabinieri (italian police). we later found out that he was the driver of the lamborghini murcielago double parked in front of the restaurant next to the bar. i know if i had a lamborghini, i wouldn't be hitting on the police office, especially with girls like they have here in italy.

that's another thing. the girls here... **drool**. they are BANGIN'; they are, in the words of, smokin'. googly. the first night i was here, i ended up getting mcdonald's for dinner, and the girls sitting outside were amazing. i couldn't believe the genes (jeans) they have here. so many cute girls riding mopeds around town with huge, humorous windscreens. really, just walking down the street, i'm lucky not to get hit by a car, and i'm guessing they get better as you go to milan and rome. even at TheGeneral's training center here there are loads of good looking ladies on the campus. yo amo italia!!! emma knows not to worry because 1) i'm socially inept, in particular with women, more specifically hot women. emma had to talk to me 2) i can't talk to to even ordinary people, and 3) she knows i'm all 143 only for her. i like to look, i can't help it, the product of being unpopular and wanting all the hot girls and now i'm lucky enough to have found one who doesn't mind having me around.

i'm pissed i didn't bring my camera out with me last night to get a picture of the lamborghini, my first ever, and some of the ladies. if emma doesn't mind, if i get more, i'll post 'em as long as their boyfriends don't make me sleep with the fishes.

that's all for now. gotta go get some pix, or food, or something.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look all you want, babe. I'll be doing the same to the hot mid-western men of Bismark, ND, I'm sure they'll be smokin'! I might even get to talk to a few **wink, wink** 143


12:10 PM, September 21, 2006  
Blogger slyght said...

DAMMIT! i hate lumberjacks, they talk to ALL the chicks. one excuse i have is here, they don't understand english very well, so theres no use trying. 143

12:19 PM, September 21, 2006  
Blogger slyght said...

i want pix too then to compare our respective games.

12:20 PM, September 21, 2006  
Blogger slyght said...

but not pix of you WITH them, just OF them, when they aren't looking. we don't want them thinking you are interested. hahah. i'm done

12:21 PM, September 21, 2006  
Blogger Mike T said...

143? Is that some kind of GE code? I could tell you been then I'd have to kill you. Z by telling her not to do something you realize she's going to get as many pics of her with guys as she can now. Murcielagos are nice but I prefer the Diablos. The Diablo actually costs more. You two have fun.

12:52 PM, September 21, 2006  
Blogger themom said...

Hey "T" even I know what 143 means...the number of letters in the words (individually). DUH?!?!? Amazing enough, a great blog but all the comments are from theson and Emma...great way to communicate. Both of you have fun in your respective "resorts."


8:48 PM, September 21, 2006  
Anonymous J-rod said...

143?! What is that shite? Why don't you grow a pair and just say it (I mean Zac should grow a pair, not Emma, unless that's your thing, in which case have fun).

9:36 PM, September 21, 2006  
Anonymous E.N. said...

Zach, take it from someone who lived in Italy for 2.5yrs; it will get no better, enjoy it now. Great bars along the river.

5:12 AM, September 22, 2006  

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