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22 September 2006

the new big pinecone

or the new big pinion, not quite sure. translations are strange that way. but that is where i'm working for a while. but that's not really interesting, i just wanted a weird title.

last night we went to mamma gina's for dinner. really good, just about as expensive as the night before but better food. we had two bottles of wine, and then headed out for some entertainment. it was my responsibility to find a titty bar to go. i found listings for one topless and one nude club and coincidentally, the nude one was closer. we walked for a while, had a map, found the road, backtracked a little since the lowest address number on the road we could find was about 72. after backtracking, we found the road takes a strange jumo and we followed it to 3/A, the address we were looking for but no dice. it was an apartment building with nothing exciting. we were sad. we then went looking for a bar and that failed as well. ended up getting a drink at the vittoria hotel bar at midnight right before they closed and went home.

it wasn't very exciting, but we did the best we could. we looked more today and found possibly 5 more places but one of our guys here is gonna be on the short leash since his wife is coming to visit this evening. maybe we'll all find it later without him and take pictures or whatnot. they have strange descriptions like "sexy restaurant - lap dance", "lap dance - fancy discoteque", "night club", and "club privé". don't know which to go to, prolly won't go to any.

and to j-rod... i agree, i can say it but i figured 1) we'd keep this site as explicitly unsappy as possible, and 2) it's our cute little thing (dammit, i broke rule #1 now, thanks).


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