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23 November 2006

happy thanksgiving from algeria

well, another turkey day wasted working. only good thing is today and tomorrow i get double-time-and-a-half. that means the 20 hour i work between today and tomorrow equals 50 hours pay which of course is more than a normal workweek. the money isn't worth it, but it takes away the sting a bit. at least last year i could share the holidays with emma. still, the chef in the canteen this morning said "if you are american, happy thanksgiving". it was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. there is only about 5-6 americans on the site, mostly from the customers headquarters in houston. i'm hoping we might actually get a turkey dinner, but not get TOO excited. we have beef and chicken daily. last sunday we had great steak, and two days back, prime rib cooked to order. it's not so bad.

i hope you are all having a wondrful day with your family, and hopefully i'll be home soon.


Blogger themom said...


I miss you - the 2nd Thanksgiving in a row you are away from family - but in the grown-up world, such is life.

Know that I love you and miss you and we will make it all up when you get home!


p.s. Happy Turkey Day Emma, miss ya too!!

11:34 AM, November 23, 2006  
Anonymous mom 2 said...

happy thanksgiving zac....miss you and wish you were here....had a nice dinner but chad wasn't able to come home so that made me pretty sad...we are going up to columbus tomorrow and take his thanksgiving dinner to him..this was my first holiday without him..sure hope we can all get together for christmas...keeping my fingers crossed for you...take care and we love you..
mom 2& russ

7:16 PM, November 23, 2006  

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