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24 November 2006

my streak continues

i was lucky enough to have turkey on thanksgiving despite the fact that i'm out of the country. the past two years i've been in india and algeria for thanksgiving. last year, in india, we got turkey, fish (they couldn't get ham), mashed potatoes, green beans casserole, an excellent apple turnover with ice cream (no pumpkin pie available), and stuffing soup (they misunderstood our directions). either way, it was still a good thanksgiving meal with good friends/colleagues and my girlfriend, emma.

this year, as i stated earlier, at breakfast the chef wished me a happy thanksgiving. after work, since there isn't much to do here, i went straight to the canteen. i smelled it from outside the door... turkey. i walked in and they'd cooked maybe 5-15lb turkeys,3 filled with dressing, 2 with a really good rice. there was mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, beets, and 5 slices of pumpkin cake. the dressing was excellent and i had 2 or 3 servings, 2 servings of turkey and mashed potatoes. i had to eat EXTRA more than i would normally because, alas, tomorrow there would be no leftovers. i jokingly scolded my irish and italian colleagues to quit eating my thanksgiving dinner since none of them were american and therefore didn't celebrate thanksgiving. they could have the steak and rice that was the other choice.

it was good, i ate a lot, then finally got through to TheMom (the network here is jammed in the evenings) around 9:30PM here. she was stuffed, TheSister was in pain, and i got a run-by greeting from TheNephew... "hi uncle zac, i ate turkey, i love you, but i gotta go play, bye!". i talked to emma this morning as she was getting ready for bed. she had a nice thanksgiving with hear hoard of a family visiting.

maybe i'll be home next year.


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