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24 November 2006

i got sniffed... a camel. i was coming back from site, and i saw camels near where the picture the other day was taken, but this time, they looked closer. as i got to the office/trailer, i noticed they were inside the fence, so i briskly walked to meet them. one or two had already past where i planned to intersect with them by the time i’d gotten there, but another one was just arriving. i took a movie and some pictures. i was gonna pet the thing, i hear they are pretty friendly around here. they only hang around the site because they know there are humans here, and we waste a lot of food and they take advantage of that. still, i’ve also heard they carry herpes and whatnot, and technically, they are still wild animals. even though i didn’t touch it, it locked it’s HUGE eyes on me as i stood about 2 feet away from it’s face. i would've taken a picture THAT close but i was afraid it would eat my camera or something. i think they have long prehensile tongues and i saw them eating plastic bags so i figured they'd try anything once. either way, it sniffed me with disinterest then carried on to a MUCH more interesting clump of grass. i have a movie, but it is 50Mb, so you'd have to see it on my computer, sorry.


Blogger Rich | Championable said...

That's pretty wild, amigo. Camels freak me out. But hell, I'm from NYC.

10:12 PM, November 25, 2006  

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