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15 July 2005

rather uneventful

not much to speak of in the way of excitement. me, emma, and adam went to the market the other day at kotagummam. we were kinda led to believe it was hot shit, and i guess it was considering it was shit, and it was a bit warm that day. rather disappointing. but we did see a little kid maybe 4-5 with the ethiopian pot belly painted silver from bald head to toe, begging money. poor kid, he's gotta be like "god dammit, mama, i don't WANNA be silver today" but in the local language, telugu.

i've been drinking the scotch a lot more lately. actually, last night, that is ALL i drank. it's not tasting too bad anymore. i can even smell it before i drink it now (sometimes). i'm completely amazed. the cox and mox festival is winding down, but i still chuckle when i can look over and say "babu, i'd like to try some of your best cox". potty humor will always be my weakness.

and i was lucky enough to have 12 EXTRA indians come to site to day from TheGeneral offshore. they were here to dissect the installation process, see what things have gone wrong, etc. they haven't been much of a hassle. i told em we didn't have much office space and only one or two seats. they've been in the field all day only coming in to ask for some water on occasion. they are such well-trained little monkeys.

well i've bored you all enough, i'm going to go be sad that i missed the first day of jambo, knowing that a new day is about to start.

run for me rednecks... RUN!!!


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