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18 July 2005

tip the restaurant (and kilts)

a couple days ago, we went back to kalinga to sample the fine dining. for some reason, the hotel bought assloads of some supposedly expensive scotch (teachers) because emma drank it one day. it is like 320 rupees for 60ml at the hotel. it was running our bills up quite high, quite quickly, so we decided to start drinking some cheaper scotches, they all taste just about the same to me, so no big there. anyways, while we were at kalinga, we noticed on their menu they have teachers for 120 rupees for 60ml. apparently our hotel is taking advantage of it's ROCKIN' 3-star status, and grossly over charging us. during the meal, the owner type guy comes over (the one who asked to make joy with me on the previous visit) and asks if we were having a good time, etc. and complained that he didn't get any compliments the last time we were there. emma then reminded him how she said the food was good and we had a good time. no, by compliments, this guy meant tips. he was disappointed that i tipped the waiter and not him. WHAT!!! come on, so at the end of the meal i tipped him (i'm a pushover), then some more waiters came over for their tips, i swear i tipped our main waiter twice, once in his waiter getup and then he changed clothes. it was total crap. even when we were leaving the bar, the security guard asked for a tip.

next time i got there, i'm taking a log sheet, if you stop by and do something useful, i'll make a mark, at the end i'll determine tips and sorry about the security guard, but no, you aren't even providing a service besides opening the door, i could break him with a stern glance.

in other news, i got a confirmation that my kilt from is en route to my house. that link is the style, but mine is black (i think the boots work). should be there by 21 july. i don't know how it happened, but i heard through the grapevine that it was drunkenly joked about that i should wear a kilt to the wedding. i've wanted a kilt for a while and that was just the excuse i needed. so it should be available for me if all parties agree.

so red, if you are reading this, it can be arranged. i don't wanna steal any thunder on your big day, don't wanna embarrass anyone, so when i get home, i'll try it on, see how it fits, and go from there. if you or amy say "no", i'm down with that seriously, just get to me. if you say "yes" i still might chicken out, but i have rented an ENTIRE tux. if i do get clearance and pull it off, you think tux shoes and socks, or boots (brand new of course for your big day)? get back to me on the flipside.


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