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19 July 2005

a freudian slide... and he's SAFE!

now that jambo is over, and i've not heard a single story about it, i'm glad to say it must not have been so fun since i wasn't there.

slyght > jambo '05.

so, as per usual, me and emma were drinking down at the hotel bar, general bullshitting as is the norm. she recently bought what us boyz from the b-town (or maybe just T) call BLING! BLING! she just got a ring and a typical indian bracelet that is just a single hookie-doo. i believe it could be easily lost if one were to bump it on something. reminds me of the second-hand sotry of T... "you unsnapped my bling". anyways, she also bought these gold indian earrings where the posts are fairly large. typical ear piercing is like 18 gauge and these were maybe 14g (yeah they were, we just measured with a micrometer). a pretty big jump for someone who's not hip to pain. she was quite determined to get them in though, having paid for something, she wanted to use it, and me being a pusher, i wanted to see if she could do it. it was highly entertaining, taking maybe an hour each ear, possibly 45 minutes, and several drinks in between, ice was necessary at times, but all in all a good show. and she ended up getting them both in. there was the occasional reference about using something big to stretch holes, etc. all the typical rudeness one might expect from me.

this all leads up to the freudian slide. i'm not sure how, but in conversation, hookers were mentioned, rather in passing, by myself. probably a self-effacing joke or random get-rich-quick scheme for myself when i get home. but then we were talking about the jewelry fair that emma got her jewelry at. we were talking, and i was thinking of the last time i had a chain necklace (my cool pink z cavaricci days, darwin should've taken me then). and blurted out "yeah, i COULD use a hooker"... dead silence, crickets chirping in the background, then the mind trying to figure out if i actually said that. it was confirmed immediately by emma's uncontrolled laughter of which i took part in as well. i was trying to say "i could use a chain" but "hooker" came out. hrmmm. much laughing was had, laughing to tears, sore stomachs, etc. that was probably the first time i've been genuinely embarrassed in who-knows-how-long. but then i remembered that emma's said i can't offend her. i think that will definitely be put to the test during this assignment. last night was probably the second try. the first try was when we were introduced at the bar. by the end of the night, i'd said "nigger" (it's a shirt i bought that will probably get me killed or at the very least maimed, but i thought it was funny), i know i was babbling about homosexuality in neither a derogatory nor exulting manner, and i think there were some religious and abortion slurs in there as well. all in good fun, ya know? i fear i may need a refresher course on GE's personal conduct and sexual harassment courses.

scotch > beer > slyght


Anonymous this ain't no motherfuckin' t said...

See Z you need to get yourself some bling to attract the ladies. Also, it's "you made the bling unsnap". Stop spending the dough on strippers and get yo'self some bling my brotha.

10:34 PM, July 19, 2005  

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