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11 October 2005

97 and '49'

ya see it, right there at the top right. 97 days until i can get my taxes back. yippee!! **does grandpa's YIPPEE dance from the new "charlie and the chocolate factory"** i'm below the century mark. just over 3 months. i can't believe it. i've been here quite a while and have even improved my indian headbob technique.

another poem, this one is a lovely one about my complete ineptitude around women. i swear, if i was hot, i'd be a slut.

"maybe i should've gotten a few
more in, at least break the half

so your nights weekends vacations were
filled with women til you settled down
always beautiful (like you, i suppose)
we are the smart ones (you say)
what is the difference in us? why am
i losing (so disgraced) so late in the game
you'd already joined by the time you were
my age & i can't even split your difference.
i've failed, given up, fallen short in my pursuit
alas, my desire far outreaches my atrophied fingers.


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