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22 October 2005

the worst best news

after several days off sick, i come to the office and get into the flow of things. i file through my 120+ e-mails and get one from my manager "we gotta talk, call me on my mobile". well crap... apparently my manager is breaking up with me. how cold and impersonal. no but really, i know he is taking a new position in houston, though i had a slight idea what he wanted. called him, i was right. not in the mood to talk about the conversation right now. need to see what happens in the next week or so, first. either way, it was shite. and as the title says. it was the worst best news i could've gotten. nothing goes nice here in this place. the customer gooned some cards yesterday with one of their electricians in the field but won't admit it. so now we are taking a hit. more delays on new cards. blah. enough for now before i get too depressed.


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