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17 October 2005

chad's b-day

happy birthday to my buddy, chad. he's living it up in columbus, ohio in his new apartment. i haven't seen it yet since i've been out of the country but would like to when i get back.

<ASIDE>chad, i got you something on, next day shipped it so it would make it to your place on your birthday, and in my rush, i sent it to my house. so you have an amazon box at my house for you. you are hard to buy for. i mean i can get you #8 stuff but you always get that. </ASIDE>

i've missed his last couple of birthdays. last year i was at baglan bay in wales, and the year before i was in balkanabat, turkmenistan. that sucks. this job is taking me away from some good times, i know it. i'm wondering when the benefits will outweight the costs. the reasons for me looking for a job closer to home or at least in the U.S. are mounting. but this job is interesting, the travel is cool even if you don't get to see some of the local stuff, and the money helps with the bills. i'm a corporate whore.

sorry i couldn't be back there for your birthday man. i'll throw a few back in your honor tonight.


Blogger The B-Town Boyz said...

You missed a good night of drinking on Chad's B-day. Beer, Mugarita's (some huge ass mug filled with margarita with three straws all for the low low price of $17 each), and a shot of Patrone. Needless to say Sunday morning was kinda rough for all. Jackie got a Chad an Xbox, so me and Juddy chipped in and got him Xbox Live. That makes four for online play. On a side note, I finally got my Bachelor's degree. Now, I can someday dream of making the almighty GE dollaz.

9:48 AM, October 17, 2005  

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